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Drive-in Theater Tips: Getting the Most out of Your Drive-in Experience

With warmer weather on the way, that means we’ll be seeing drive-in theaters open across the region. Drive-ins are a great way to have fun with family or friends, but there are a few things that can optimize your experience. We’ve put together a list of drive-in theater tips to make sure you get the most out of your film-going experience.

According to Tips for Family Trips, the key is to choose the right double-feature. If you’re unfamiliar with drive-ins, most offer two movies for the price of one – but some might not be appropriate for children. The best thing to remember is: which films are the best for everyone?

Our second tip is to get a Mitsubishi or pack lawn chairs. Most cars can get uncomfortable after a few hours, so lawn chairs can help you spread your legs and relax. If you have a Mitsubishi, odds are you have plenty of legroom and comfy seats.

Tip number three is to avoid going during a heat wave. If you’re going to sit through a few hours of family entertainment, make sure to choose your day carefully. Avoid going when it’s too hot outside, because you probably won’t want to run the A/C the entire time you’re there.

Last but not least, start your car every once in a while. Drive-ins work using radio frequencies, so most people run it with just the car battery on. Although some drive-ins will remind you, remember to start your car to charge up your battery.