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Some Of The Best East Coast Road Trip Destinations

east coast road trip destinations

They say the West is the best, but they really only say that because it’s a nice rhyme. The savvy traveler knows well that the East coast has just as much fun and beauty to offer.  But just in case you’re not in the know, we’ve thrown together some info on a few of our favorite East coast road trips destinations.

New England offers all sorts of wonderful treasures for the adventurous driver. The Daily Beast recommends taking the route from Gloucester, Massachusetts to New Haven, Connecticut. Best features? You’ll get the chance to eat the best seafood of your life and ponder the quiet beauty of harbors.

Music fan? Start in Memphis, Tennessee and drive to New Orleans, Louisiana along Highway 61. You’ll have the opportunity to hear some of best music the country has to offer along the way.

If you are a sunshine addict, then take US 1 in Florida. This highway runs close and parallel to the A1A, which affords wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can start anywhere, but be sure and make it down to Key West, Florida – if for anything, just to experience the Overseas Highway.

Okay, so you need a nice rhyme?  How about… the West may be the best, but the East ain’t the least!

Father’s Day Gifts That He Never Knew He Needed

father’s day gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if your dad is like most dads, he’s very difficult to buy for.  For most guys, if they want something and they have the money, they buy it. That doesn’t leave much room for you. So why not pad his tool collection? Assuming he’s got all of the standard tools, here are a few Father’s Day gifts that we at Larry Jay Mitsubishi think he might not even know that he needs!


Electric Knife Sharpener. This tool makes sharpening knives a cinch. Just place your knife in the slot, turn it on, and before you know it you’ve got dangerously sharp knives.


Bottomless Watering Can. Using a hose can make it very difficult to get the right amount water to your plants. Nothing beats a water can, but you constantly have to refill it. Not this can. It connects directly to the hose for an endless supply of water.


Multi-Tool. There are some really great and useful multi-tools on the market. Your dad may have these tools individually, but having them all in one place is extremely convenient.


SUGRU.  Popular Mechanics recommends this air-cured rubber putty. It’s moldable putty that can be removed, but in the meantime remains strong, flexible, and waterproof.