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Mitsubishi VIP Program

Mitsubishi VIP Program - Larry Jay Mitsubishi Blog

Some companies offer great benefits with discounts on their products while others tend to lack perks altogether. Fortunately, the Mitsubishi VIP Program is proof that the Japanese automaker falls into the former category. Here’s some information about the Mitsubishi VIP Program from us here at Larry Jay Mitsubishi!

What is the Mitsubishi VIP Program?

More vehicle for less money tends to be the standard at Mitsubishi so it only makes sense that the Mitsubishi VIP Program offers exceptional discounts.

There are four categories included in the Mitsubishi VIP Program. They include affiliate and vendor companies, Mitsubishi dealership employees, Mitsubishi Group companies, and employee purchases.

What does it do?

The program allows anyone from a variety of groups, including more than 700 companies, to enjoy special purchase incentives and discounts on new Mitsubishi vehicles. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of people!

Mitsubishi’s generosity doesn’t stop there though. The discounts and incentives are available to immediate family members and retired company employees too!

VIP program members can purchase a new Mitsubishi vehicle for the dealership invoice price minus the VIP program discounts.

How can you enroll?
If you’re an employee, immediate family member of retiree from any of these more than 700 companies, you’re eligible! Simply contact your Human Resources department or stop in at Larry Jay Mitsubishi.

Benefits of Leasing

Customer Leasing A Car

There are lots of options when getting a new car: you can buy new, buy used, or lease. But you’ll need to find what’s right for you! Here are some benefits of leasing a car:

Lower Monthly Payments – Lease payments tend to be lower than monthly payments. Why? Because a car loan is determined from the price of a new car. But with a lease, your payments are determined from the difference between the initial car’s price and the price at the end of your lease. That means that payments will be lower per month.

Smaller Down Payment – If you can’t afford a larger down payment, leasing is for you.  Down payments for leases are typically more flexible than new car down payments. You could put a few thousand down, but many leases require no down payment whatsoever.

Fewer Repair Costs – Most leases last two to three years, which means that your car will be covered under warranty for the entirety of the lease period. This also means that most issues in the car won’t take money out of your wallet. You’ll just need to have routine maintenance like oil changes.


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