3 Eclipse Cross Accessories that Charlotte Drivers Need to Have

2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross | Charlotte, NC

Want to enhance your Eclipse Cross in new and exciting ways? Aftermarket accessories let you augment your Mitsubishi crossover SUV how you want, equipping new tools and comforts to improve your ride. These are some of the Eclipse Cross accessories you can buy from Larry Jay Mitsubishi.

Rubber Floor Mats

Just because your Eclipse Cross comes with basic carpet mats doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace them — especially if you live in Charlotte, where the rain and mud get sloppy. Buy a set of durable all-weather mats for your Mitsubishi that won’t soak up moisture and become moldy.

Roof Rail Rack

If you plan to go camping or kayaking in North Carolina, like at nearby Lake Wylie, install roof rails in your Eclipse Cross. This gives you extra storage space so you don’t fill the back seat with long, bulky items.

Hood Protector

If you spend a lot of time on the highways or gravel country roads, get a hood protector for your Eclipse Cross. It’s a simple yet useful tool that will shield incoming rocks and debris from scratching and denting the hood. 

If you want to take your Eclipse Cross or other Mitsubishi vehicle to the next level, contact the parts counter at Larry Jay Mitsubishi. We’d be happy to show you what we can install in your SUV.

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