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Mitsubishi eX Concept Confirmed for Production

Following the Tokyo Motor Show last October, the public expressed interest in the showing of the Mitsubishi eX concept. The concept was displayed as part of Mitsubishi’s continued efforts to introduce new crossovers to the company’s lineup following the success of the Outlander and Outlander Sport. Now, however, the eX crossover has been confirmed for production, and the concept is making its way into Mitsubishi’s lineup as a road-legal nameplate.

The eX concept will become an as-yet unnamed crossover aiming for a release date sometime in early 2018. Following the redesign of the Outlander and the Outlander Sport, which will make the Outlander slightly larger and the Outlander Sport slightly smaller, Mitsubishi will make room in their lineup for the eX production model, which will fall in between the two other crossovers.

Mitsubishi’s designer Tsunehiro Kunimoto aimed to make the Mitsubishi eX concept more rugged and utilitarian than other vehicles in the company’s lineup. Now that the company is changing direction, Kunimoto is aiming towards giving the brand a common, signature look, but he is still playing around with different styling cues.

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Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV Turns Heads in Chicago

Mitsubishi made waves at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show with the North American introduction of its Concept GC-PHEV. Combining innovative themes and advanced technology into one concept, the vehicle sports signs of what we can expect to see in the future of Mitsubishi.

Despite its full size, the SUV features a forward-thinking muscular design and agile stance we previously associated only with smaller vehicles. In addition, Mitsubishi’s engineers continue to develop new ways to increase efficiency, providing the concept with a supercharged MIVEC V6 engine and electric motor combination to offer 335 horsepower.

The concept also seems futuristic through the use of the Tactical Table. By simply placing a smartphone on the device, the table becomes the source of connectivity between the phone and the vehicle, enabling the collection, creation, sharing, and exchange of information.

“We brought the Concept GC-PHEV to Chicago because it showcases into our future technology and design themes,” said Don Swearingen, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America.

“The Concept showcases aggressive styling and a level of refinement that will be coming to Mitsubishi vehicles. All of our 2016 model year vehicles will be refreshed with our new brand identity, starting with the 2016 Outlander.”

There is so much to look forward to this year as the Mitsubishi brand continues to make its presence a more dominant force in the U.S, auto market. We at Larry Jay Mitsubishi can’t wait for the refreshed models to go on sale… and to possibly learn of plans to bring the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV to production?