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Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV Turns Heads in Chicago

Mitsubishi made waves at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show with the North American introduction of its Concept GC-PHEV. Combining innovative themes and advanced technology into one concept, the vehicle sports signs of what we can expect to see in the future of Mitsubishi.

Despite its full size, the SUV features a forward-thinking muscular design and agile stance we previously associated only with smaller vehicles. In addition, Mitsubishi’s engineers continue to develop new ways to increase efficiency, providing the concept with a supercharged MIVEC V6 engine and electric motor combination to offer 335 horsepower.

The concept also seems futuristic through the use of the Tactical Table. By simply placing a smartphone on the device, the table becomes the source of connectivity between the phone and the vehicle, enabling the collection, creation, sharing, and exchange of information.

“We brought the Concept GC-PHEV to Chicago because it showcases into our future technology and design themes,” said Don Swearingen, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America.

“The Concept showcases aggressive styling and a level of refinement that will be coming to Mitsubishi vehicles. All of our 2016 model year vehicles will be refreshed with our new brand identity, starting with the 2016 Outlander.”

There is so much to look forward to this year as the Mitsubishi brand continues to make its presence a more dominant force in the U.S, auto market. We at Larry Jay Mitsubishi can’t wait for the refreshed models to go on sale… and to possibly learn of plans to bring the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV to production?

Mitsubishi Outlander Safety Features Protect Pizza Drivers During Super Bowl

Mitsubishi Outlander safety features

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

If you caught the latest Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad, you might’ve been wondering: are they really going to live tweet a pizza delivery driver? Believe it or not, Mitsubishi actually did, just to prove that it has one of America’s safest CUVs.

According to Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi Outlander safety features are some of the best on the market, one of the reasons it was an IIHS Top Safety Pick +. Equipped with Forward Collision Mitigation and other advanced technologies, avoiding accidents is easier than ever.

Because of the terrible conditions in Boston, Mitsubishi was concerned about the hard-working pizza drivers, especially during the big game. “During the biggest sporting event of the year, nobody has more to lose than one man – not the players, not the coaches, not even the advertisers spending millions and millions of dollars,” read Mitsubishi’s ad. “We’re talking about the pizza guy.”

It might seem odd at first, but Mitsubishi makes a good point. Not only will people want their pizzas as quick as possible, but people rarely stop to think about the real expense of ordering food in bad weather conditions. By giving one lucky driver the new Mitsubishi Outlander, he was as safe as possible during the big game.

Test drive a 2015 Outlander here at Larry Jay Mitsubishi to check out the safety features first hand.

Outlander PHEV is TMR’s Top of the Best Buys 2015

Best Buy 2015

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

After “countless hours” of deliberation and evaluation of the cars on its list of the Top Ten Best Buys 2015, The Motor Report has decided the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was the best of them all.

Electric cars are normally small (think Prius and Spark) and targeted at students and single adults who make short commuting trips every day. The Outlander PHEV is the world’s first plug-in SUV, and as such brings EV technology in all its glory within reach of family buyers—some of which arguably need the gas savings even more. Kids are not cheap!

The Outlander PHEV is all about versatility. Are you traveling 50 miles or less? You can cover the distance purely on electric power and save tons. More than 50 miles? The 2.0-liter gas engine will kick in when the batteries dry up—or whenever you need it for extra grunt.

And of course, it’s a great family vehicle. Roomy, refined, and quiet as only electrified cars can be. It packs plenty of power to get the whole gang where they need to go, and has the comfort, convenience, and technology to accommodate them on the way.

It’s one of our favorite vehicles at Larry Jay Mitsubishi, and we’re glad The Motor Report agrees!

Mitsubishi Mirage Loyalty: Buyers Keep Coming Back for More

Mitsubishi Mirage loyalty

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

IHS Automotive has recognized Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. for having the highest model loyalty in the Non-Luxury Traditional Sub-Compact Car Segment for the 2014 model year. That’s a mouthful, but it boils down to this: when it comes to sub-compact cars; Mitsubishi Mirage owners are most likely to buy another Mitsubishi.

The non-luxury traditional sub-compact car segment is loaded with appealing options across a number of automakers, so the Mirage’s ability to keep its drivers coming back for more is quite the testament to the car’s reliability, dependability, and appealing features and options. In addition, the automaker’s 10 year/ 10,000 mile warranty certainly doesn’t hurt, and the Mirage’s unique design, impressive fuel economy and high safety ratings make it a top choice in its segment.

“We are delighted to receive this Model Loyalty recognition by IHS Automotive,” said Don Swearingen, Executive Vice President of MMNA in a news release. “Mitsubishi Motors has experienced growing customer loyalty across our entire model lineup through the years, and this award demonstrates that we are successfully retaining our current customers while simultaneously introducing new consumers to the brand.”

Stop by Larry Jay Mitsubishi today to see for yourself why Mitsubishi Mirage loyalty is off the charts!

Mitsubishi UK Increases to Five Year Warranty

Five Year Warranty

Good news came from Mitsubishi Motors at the dawn of the New Year. Buyers can expect more for their money in terms of protecting their car. Starting January 1, 2015, the manufacturer’s warranty on any new Mitsubishi will be good for up to five years.

The new five year warranty and effective date covers all Mitsubishi models bought during 2015. Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, Lance Bradley, explained the reason for the increase: “The move to a 5-year warranty is a reflection of Mitsubishi’s confidence in the unrivalled quality and reliability of our product. It is especially significant when you consider the hard working nature of some of our vehicles such as Shogun, and leading edge ultra-low emission technologies in the Outlander plug-in hybrid vehicle.”

The warranty increase is expected to increase showroom traffic and further increase sales in the coming years. The 2014 calendar year saw Mitsubishi Motors doing extremely well in the United Kingdom. Vehicle sales soared to a 74.4% increase over the previous year. With the new five year warranty, buyer’s confidence will only rise as well.

Here at Larry Jay Mitsubishi, we’re excited to sell vehicles that are of such high quality that they are backed up by such a great warranty.

Mitsubishi Facebook Page Racks Up Two Million “Likes”

mitsubishi facebook page

Mitsubishi Facebook Page Reaches One Million

People like Mitsubishi. Two million of them do, at least. How do we know that? Run over to the Mitsubishi Facebook page and look for yourself if you don’t already frequent it. The page is fairly recent (2007) and received one million likes since this past February. The Automaker calls it “a significant social media milestone.” But that’s not the only sign the Japanese automaker is on the up and up.

Mitsubishi has seen sales growth that is “among the highest sales growth experienced by any car company in America.” Numbers have grown more than 30% over the last year.

The social media milestone was not just happenstance; it was a conscious decision for Mitsubishi to make the USA page something different, something special. Don Swearingen, executive vice-president of Mitsubishi Motors of North American, said, “We have made a concerted effort to make the Mitsubishi Motors page a fun and informative destination on Facebook.” It sure worked, Mr. Swearingen.

We at Larry Jay Mitsubishi recommend you like the Mitsubishi USA Facebook page if you don’t already. Let’s hit three million soon!

The 2015 Mirage Fuel Economy is Hard to Believe

2015 Mirage fuel economy

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi is a brand typically associated with performance and off-road capability; however, the company offers some of the most practical and fuel-efficient cars on the road as well. Take the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, for example – the Mirage was recently credited to possess the top gas mileage of any car you find on the highway.

The 2015 Mirage fuel economy is due to its compact design and revolutionary engine. Despite having a complex front and rear suspension, and room for four passengers, the Mirage manages to weigh under a ton. Its aerodynamic design generates almost no wind resistance, yet at the same time, a subtle rear spoiler creates just enough down-force at high speeds.

The unique 1.2-liter MIVEC DOHC 3-cylinder engine featured in the new model is something rarely seen.  It’s paired with a 5-speed continuously variable transmission to produce a jaw-dropping 37/44 mpg.

If you’re expecting to pay out the nose for the incredible 2015 Mirage fuel economy, think again.  According to The Detroit News, the Mirage is the third lowest-priced vehicle in the US.

Want to take the new Mirage for a test drive? Hurry down to Larry Jay Mitsubishi before they’re gone.

Mitsubishi Numbers Up 30.5 Percent with Help from Outlander Sport Sales in October

Outlander Sport Sales in October

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Mitsubishi October sales were up a whopping 30.5% compared to last October, marking the brand’s best October sales since 2008 and its eighth consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases. A total of 6,199 units were sold.

The highlight performance of the month came from the Outlander Sport five-passenger compact crossover. As our best-selling vehicle here at Larry Jay Mitsubishi, we always expect the Outlander Sport to do well, but it surpassed all expectations last month by setting a new all-time October sales record and cinching its 13th consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases. With 2,468 units now in the hands of happy new owners, Outlander Sport sales in October were up 22.8% for the month and 24.8% year-to-date.

The Mitsubishi Lancer and Mirage were also notable for their great performances. The former’s sportiness and affordability earned it a 17.5% boost in sales while the latter’s fuel-efficiency and style helped it achieve its 12th consecutive month of sales of more than 1,000 units.

Grupo Gallegos’ Mitsubishi Campaign Will Reach Out to the Hispanic Community

Mitsubishi has teamed up with creative advertising agency Grupo Gallegos to launch a new national advertising campaign specifically targeted at US Hispanics. The campaign will include television spots, print ads, and digital mediums, and it will continue through Mach 2015. This marks the first time in more than ten years that Mitsubishi has launched advertising targeted specifically at its Hispanic customer base.

Grupo Gallegos has headed Hispanic-focused campaigns for other large brands, like Clorox, Comcast, and Toshiba, and has previously worked with Mitsubishi on a small-scale campaign focused toward Hispanics in the Miami, Florida area.

“We are thrilled that when Mitsubishi Motors decided to increase their focus on the Hispanic market, they returned to Grupo Gallegos for support,” said John Gallegos, CEO and founder of Grupo Gallegos. “The Hispanic population represents a huge opportunity for brands to expand their consumer-base and increase sales, a fact that Mitsubishi Motors has embraced with this new national campaign and communication focus.”

According to, Grupo Gallegos’ Mitsubishi campaign will focus on the theme “My Mitsubishi,” playing on the “Mi” in Mitsubishi, which means “My” in Spanish. The ads encourage Latinos, who are known to grow up in large, influential families, to break away from their relatives’ well-intentioned advice, and find “their own lane” by selecting the Mitsubishi that’s right for them.

Are you ready to find the right car for you? Stop by Larry Jay Mitsubishi today to check out our lineup of exciting cars!

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